Manali Low Budget Trip

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Manali Low Budget Trip Friends, who will give you complete information about Manali, how you can roam the entire Manali very cheaply in a very low budget, you live in any corner of the country, I will give you a to z information in this post of Manali. About

Let’s Start


#1. How to reach Manali

Car, Bike

5 Ways to reach Manali –

  1. Flight
  2. Railway
  3. Bike, Car, Taxi
  4. Trip by Travel Agency
  5. Bus
  1. Flight – Kullu Manali Air Port of Manali which is located in Bhuntar is 10 KM away from shedding to Kullu and 50 less than Manali but becomes very expansive reaching Manali by flight.
  2. Railway – Nearist railway station is Chandigarh, Manali from Pathankot and Kalka is 291 KM away from Manali from Pathankot, 298 KM away from Manali and 282 KM away from Kalka to Manali. If you are willing to come by train, then you can reach any of these three cities from any corner of the country.

By shedding you will get bus options. If you want a Volvo bus then you will get a fee of 1000 You can take an Ordinary Bus till 2000. In Himachal state, which is charged 500 to 600 rupees, it is also a good opportunity till Manali, if you want to travel cheap.

3. Bike, Car, Taxi – There is a way if you bring your bike, car or taxi but it also costs a lot if you bring your car or taxicab, then you will have to pay green tax before entering Manali.

If you bring a bike, you will have to pay 100 rupees of green tax, if you come from a 5 seater car, then you will have to pay 200 rupees of green tax, after paying a tax of 500 rupees to the bus and tempo traveler. Only entry will be found in Manali.

4. Trip by Travel Agency – This is the way to book your tour though a travel agent, it is also a way to explore Manali.

5. Bus – This is the way you get an option in the bus, that the fare of these buses is Volvo or Semi Volvo bay or Ordinary Bus bay Volvo 1400 to 2500 rupees. There is an Ordinary bus from Chandigarh, you will get the difference between Ordinary bus and Volvo bus.

600 to 700 fare is charged in Ordinary bus from Delhi to Manali, if you want to know the cheapest way, then the book is the cheapest way, you can book it online and also offline.

To book online, you can book your online ticket by visiting the online website and reserve your sheet.

#2. Where is the hotel in Manali and how to take it

Manali Hotel

There are 3 ways to book a hotel in Manali. You can book a hotel online. Manali has 1000 rupees or more online hotel and if you have booked a tour through a travel agent, then they will stay at your hotel.

The best option is to book a hotel on the spot. If you are India, then you will definitely have a specialty. If you have the talent to do a little bargaining and sharpening

There are a lot of hotels around the Mall Road, whose price is not very high, only a luxurious room can be found for only 500 rupees.

If you go in the off season like from July to October, then you have the option to book the hotel on the spot and if you are going in the pickup season, then it is best that you book the hotel online. Forget how much distance is there from the main rode to the main road.

Sometimes we have a hotel at a great distance and we have a lot of problem in visiting the local site on the spot. If we book, we can easily see all these things.

#3. How much does the day tour plan

Manali trip

How many days to make the tour, it is also an important thing, according to me, it is necessary to visit Manali for 2 days and 2 nights so that you can reach Early Morning Manali so that the day becomes your count

You can visit the local site for 2 nights. Stayed 2 days, Manali grave will be done for the entire time.

#4. Cheap way to visit Manali

manali trip

On the day you reach Manali, you can visit the local site there, like –

  • Hadimba Temple
  • Dungri Van Vihar
  • Club house
  • Vashist Temple
  • Manu Temple

If you talk to taxis for this, then you will take 1500 rupees from you and will bring all these sites around, I believe that you do not invest money in this, all these places are located close by in Manali, You can walk from 4 to 5 km and you can visit the whole site.

A small circuit will have to be completed, from the rode ahead from the rode to the left hand, go from there to visit Hadimba temple. The same is also present at Dungri Van Vihar and after coming down from the club house and Manu temple, you can come back to Mal Rode.

In 4 to 5 km you will have to walk and all your site will be visited and you can save RS 1200. You should also walk a little on foot in Manali. Enjoy the atmosphere there. You should enjoy the local site there. You will have to walk there, you will also see Old Manali, you will also see the high cedar forest, you can also do it on foot.

There is no entry ticket in Hadimba temple. Entry ticket is taken in Dungri Van Vihar. For children under 8 years, tickets are charged for 5 rupees and for elders 10 rupees are charged. Dungri is a very good place you can roam here.

Entry ticket in the club house is 25 rupees and for children younger then 10 years, a ticket of 10 rupees is taken. You can also do adventure activities in the club house, you can do indoor activity and outdoor activity like –

  • Zip lying
  • Boating
  • River crossing
  • Snow wall etc.

You can do all these things in a day, if you are visiting Manali then you must go to the club house, you will be able to enjoy this trip well, all these sites you can visit on foot.

One day you can go to Solang Veli. The best option is that you can also go to Solang Veli. This is the way to go to Solang Veli. If you take a taxi, you will charge 1200 rupees for round trip and auto charge 600 rupees round trip. More people will come in taxis, only 3 people will come in the auto. If you want, you can also hire a bike, you will get 500 to 1500 rupees on-screen rental and you can go to Solang Veli.

You can also go to Solang Villi, there is a different path which leads to the village of Vasist. The village itself has Vasist temple and Ram temple and there is also hot water reservoir. You can also visit those temple.

#5. How much is Solang Velli’s distance from Manali

Manali trip

14 km from Manali, Solang Velli, a very good rode has been built, you can go by bike, if you have brought your car or if you have brought your bike, then you can also go by that

Many all adventure activities take place in Solang Valley, if you bring your bike, car, then you do not have to pay any parking fee. Rode site is parking. The same car has to be parked and you can go to Solang Valley.

If you come in the season of snow fall, then a lot of activity is activated there like skking 2000 rupees is charged for every couple with whom a guide and snow dress is available. You will be given dress and shoes, you can enjoy.

Apart from this, if you want to do para gliding, 1600 short high is the charge of para gliding and if you want to do para gliding at a higher then 3200 rupees is charged.

Ropeway is present in Solang Velli, 650 is charged for the round trip of ropeway, but whatever things you book, you must do bargaining in adventure, as you do well, bargaining will reduce the cost of your budget, because bargaining is the most moving in Manali. There is a lot of bargaining in adventure activities and also in the cost of local transport, it is also very low rate.

The adventure activity that they charge 500 they get it for 100 rupees, then spend a day in Solang Valley and spend 2-3 hours in Solang Valley, if you want to do adventure activity then do that too.

Nearby hotel stalls, coffee stalls, tea stalls, maggi shop, all thing are present, you can enjoy.

#6. Whether or not Rohtang

If you curb the club house and Solang Velli, your Manali is going to be very fun. You don’t need to go Rohtang. There is no adventure activity in Rohtang Pass. There is too much snow in the winter season, that’s why people go there. But there is too much traffic on it, it takes you the whole day for a trip to Rohtang Pass

50 km is the distance from Manali to Rohtang pass 50 km. 50 km to come again i.e. 100 km. You will have to stay in the car. You will also have to make a permit to go Rohtang pass. If you bring your own car, then Rs. 500. A permit is made to go to Rohtang, if you want it can be made online or can also be made from the SDM office.

If you are going with family or couple, then you can abide by Rohtang pass, 2 days you can enjoy the rest of Manali’s site and enjoy it.

#7. How is the food in manali?

Manali trip

Talking about food, all types of food are compulsory in Manali

#8. Best time to visit Manali

Manali is a city that is crowded all the year, most people come here during the snowfall, most tourists come. Snow is mandatory from November to February, if you want to enjoy snow, then from February to march You will get to see a lot of snow and a lot of adventure activity which becomes active in snow.

The cheapest season is from July to Octobar, there is a very cheap season, you will get all things cheap but you will not get to see snow activities.

#9. What will be the full budget of manali

Manali trip

If you go 2 people, then you can enjoy all these trips for 7000 rupees. If you go from Delhi, then you will manage, then in 7000 you will enjoy the whole trip. is

This is a cheap way manali, how did you feel this way? Hope you have liked this post.

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