Top 10 place to visit in Maharashtra

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Hello friends, today we will know about the place to visit in the famous state of Maharahtra, Maharashtra is one such state of India where all kinds of tourist places are present here from the ancient fort to the modal fun park and from the hill station to the sea beach. Tourist places are available from caves to all kinds of tourists. 1o place to visit in Maharashtra

Let’s Start

#1. Mumbai

Mumbai is the capital and major city of Maharashtra, which is also called the city of dreams, there is a tourist place to visit here and the most prominent among them is the Gateway of India in front of it Taj Hotel which is the pride of Mumbai.

Apart from this, there are all the sea beaches in mumbai, where you can spend some time sitting or sober in peace and most famous among them is Marine Drive.

Food of Mumbai

If you are a food lover then you can enjoy some tasty street food here.


#2. Caves of Ajanta and Ellora


The Famous Ajanta and Ellora caves of India are located near the Auranghbad city of Maharashtra state, which is one of the oldest rock cut art caves in India, where there are some beautiful birds and caves.

Hindu, Buddhist and Zen religions are here, in addition, these caves of Ajanta Ellora have been included in the list of UNESCO Words Heritage sites, so if you are looking to see ancient historical places, then you must visit here.


#3. Pune

Historical Forts

Pune is the second largest city in Maharashtra and the major tourist place, Pune is also a city that tourists come here.

Pune city is quite famous with its historical forts, clear beaches, picnic spots and waterfalls, if you are planning to visit Maharashtra, then definitely go to Pune.


#4. Panchgani


Panchgani is a major hill station in Maharashtra, situated at a height of 1334 meters.

In the summer season, there is a crowd of tourists, due to its natural beauty and cold weather, this place has been very famous since British time, you can see the cool weather and the far-fling hills here.


#5. mahabaleshwar


Mahabaleshwar is a mountainous city in maharashtra, which is quite famous for the Stoveri, besides this place is famous for the spectacular waterfalls, rivers and high peaks.

Mahabaleshwar is one of the most visited tourist places on the Bikend of Maharashtra, its natural beauty, high low valleys and amazing views fascinate anyone.


#6. Nashik

Godabari River

Nashik is one such religious Hindu city of maharashtra where Kumbh fair is held every 12 years. Nashik is an ancient city located on the banks of Godabari river, which is home to some temples.

Apart from this, Nashik is also famous for forts, waterfalls and tiger grapes, thousands of devotees who visit the Shredi temple and Trimbakesar temple also visit Nashik.


#7. Lavasa

Lavasa Lake

Situated in Maharashtra, Lavasa is known as the new hill station in India. This city is a beautiful project based on the Italian city Oti Fino. During the summer there is a lot of tourists.

You will be seen here tourists relaxing and having fun, apart from this, there is also some kind of adventure activity which you can enjoy.


#8. Lonavala


Lonavala is also a famous hill station in Maharashtra which is located close to Mumbai and Pune.

This tourist place is a good place for tourists with its many waterfalls, lakes and hills. Also it is considered a great place for trekking, situated on the hills, this place is full of natural beauty if you come to roam. So Khandala and Rajmachi can also roam in the night.


#9 Ratnagiri

Ratnagiri Waves Rocks

Ratnagiri is a small city in Maharashtra situated on the sea shore, the famous Ratna Durg fort here attracts tourists, this fort is 600 years old.

Apart from this, the Jaigad Fort and Marine Beaches are also very famous here. Mandvi Beach and Ganapathi Phule Beach are quite famous here, you can also enjoy fish and local food, besides the Thiba Mahal of Ratnagiri is also worth seeing.


#10. Tadoba National Park


Tadoba National Park is a good place for jungle safari, this place is a tiger reserve, where the highest tigers of Maharashtra state are found.

This national park is located in Chandrapur district and is a good place to see wild animals in their natural habitat.

Here are the 10 place to visit in Maharashtra most famous and most visited tourist places of Maharashtra.


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