10 places to visit in Jodhpur

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Hello friends and welcome to Travelingar.com, today we will know about 10 places to visit in Jodhpur , popularly known as Blue City. Jodhpur is a major city of Rajasthan, which is famous for many famous Forts, lakes, historical and cultural singnificance, you will definitely like the blue houses here, the ancient house, the sweets and the architecture of the buildings, so let,s know about the places to visit in Jodhpur. About where most people come to hang out.

#1. Mehrangarh Fort

The fort of Mehrangarh, built by Rao Jodha in 1459 in Jodhpur, is one of the largest Forts of the country, built on a high peak of 410 feet. The intricate Nikkasi, Visa, courtyard, museum and palace of the fort walls attract tourists from all over the word.

To get inside this fort one has to cross 7 gates and inside the fort there is a magnificent palace like Sheesh Mahal and Phool Mahal. This fort shows the beautiful history and culture of Jodhpur.

#2. Umaid Bhavan Palace

Umaid Bhawan Palace of jodhpur is famous for its amazing design and architecture. The palace is a magnificent specimen of the princely state of Jodhpur. The palace is divided into three areas, part of which is near the royal family of Jodhpur and the other part has been converted into a heritage hotel. While the third part has been converted into a museum.

This palace was built in 1933 which is very magnificent.

#3. Mandore Gardens

The famous Mandore Garden of Jodhpur is one of the best parks to relax in. This park is at a distance of 9 km from the city which used to be the first capital of the kings of Marwar.

There is also a temple dedicated to millions of deities here in addition to this there is a government museum in the middle of the garden, which has a variety of artworks and dwellingas.

#4. Jasbant Thada

Jasbant thada is a magnificent monument located in Jodhpur city. which was built in 1899 in memory of Maharaja jaswant. It is located near the Mehrangarh Fort.

Its construction is made of marble due to its beauty it is also called the Taj Mahal of Marwar. The complex Nikkasi of this building is worth seeing.

#5. Balsamand Lake

balsamand lake in Jodhpur is a beautiful lake situated 5 km away from the city. This lake was built in 1159 by the Gujjara Pratihar rulers. This lake is a very beautiful lake surrounded by lush green gardens.

here you can take a leisurely stroll for a long time and watch the sunrise.

#6. Masuria Hills Garden

Masuria Hills Garden is very much liked by all the tourists from here one can see the magnificent view of Jodhpur. This garden is a good place to have a picnic with the family and spend time in peace.

#7. kayalana Lake

Kayalana Lake is a beautiful lake located 8 km from Jodhpur, it is one of the most visited places in Rajasthan. Some species of birds are found here and some Bidesi birds will also be seen here.

This lake was built in 1872 by Pratap Horn.

#8. Rao Jodha Desert Rock Garden

Rao Jodha Desert Rock Garden was built in 2006 on banks of the famous Mehrangarh Fort. This Eco Park has more than 200 species of plants, the park also has a nursery of native plants where native plants of desert and rocky areas are grown.

The charge of traveling here is 100 rupees while there is no charge for students.

#9. Rai’s Bagh Palace

Rai’s Bagh is a famous place in jodhpur , it is one of the ancient monuments of the city, so tourists love it. This palace was built by the royal queen in 1663

The architecture of this palace reflects the history of Rajasthan’s pride, this palace of jodhpur has a different identity.

#10. Hour House

The Ghanta Ghar of jodhpur is a magnificent building situated in the middle of the city which was built by Maharaja Sardar Hornji about 200 years ago, this Ghanta Ghar also shows the ancient culture of jodhpur.

This Ghanta Ghar is in the middle of the market, so you can reach here and enjoy shopping in jodhpur markets and the delicious food of rajasthan.

So this palace where most tourists come to visit in jodhpur.

#11. What did we know

We have learned about the places to visit in jodhpur, which is beautiful and historic, if you go to Jodhpur, then definitely go to these places.


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