10 best places to visit in India

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Hello friends and welcome to Travelingar.com .Friends, many places are famous for visiting India, but today we will tell you about those places in India, where you will not be able to forget the nature view of the place. Today we will know Beautiful 10 places to visit in India. Let,s start.

Beautiful places to visit in India are described below.

#1. Sawai Madhopur ( Rajasthan )

Sawai Madhopur is located in Rajasthan. It is one of the famous places to visit in Rajasthan. Sawai Madhopur was built by the name of king Sawai Madho horn I of jaipur. There are temples, forts and parks to roam here, you can easily see the lion here.

After coming here, this place will always be memorable for you.

When to go to Rajasthan

In Rajasthan , people come to visit October, Number and Farbury, March.

#2. Khajuraho ( Madhya pradesh )

The temple of khajuraho, located in the Chhatarpur city of Madhya Pradesh, is also an important center of attraction of the tourist. There is the art and Murtia ati uneven works established.here.This temple was built by the kings of Chandel bans between 1950 and 1000 BCE.

Here you will see art and physics displaced in India.

When to go to Khajuraho

Winter is good for visiting Khajuraho.

#3. Gulmarg ( Kashmir )

The hill area here is located in kashmir, which is famous all over the word for its beautiful birds. People come to enjoy the nature here in summer. This place is also famous for its natural wealth, it is a different pleasure to go here in both summer or winter.

Here you can also enjoy riding, ising and horse riding.

#4. Varanasi ( Uttar pradesh )

Varanasi, located in Uttar Pradesh, is also called the oldest city.These cities are more important for the people of Hindu and Buddhist religion. varanasi is one of the religious pilgrimage sites of the Hindus, most of the people come here for pilgrimage because this city has a lot of religious faith.

But if you have never been to this city, then you will feel immense peace and peace in this city.

When to go to Varanasi

You can go here anytime

#5. Pondicherry (Tamil nadu )

pondicherry in Tamil nadu is also known as French Town in India. Here you will see many such memorials and buildings of British and Dech call before independence, which shows the footsteps of the people of that call.

In this city, you will see the confluence of new and ancient civilization.

#6. Almora ( uttarakhand )

Almora situated between the hills of Uttarakhand is a beautiful place to visit. Almora is a very attractive and natural tourist destination.

Such natural sights and places will not be seen like the ones seen in Almora

#7. Darjeeling ( West Bengal )

Darjeeling is located in West Bengal, which is famous for its beauty and tea cultivation. The city is located in the Siwalik Parbat Mala. The term Darjeelin originated form the word Tipti Dorjo meaning Braj and Ling.

The summer here remains only form April to June, during this time the weather gets a little cold, the rain here is from June to September. More tourists come here during summer.

#8. Matheran ( Maharashtra )

Matheran is located in Maharashtra, which is present in Raighar district, only 110 km from Mumbai. This is a small hill station made of natural beauty.The specialty of this place is that it is forbidden to come to any kind of arm here. This is why the environment here gives peace to the mind.

This is the place of preference for the people of Mumbai, Pune and Nashik. But Ave has also started attracting the people of Utsar and Taksheen.

#9. Amritsar (Punjab)

Amritsar is considered to be the most important and sacred city of Punjab, this city is considered sacred because of Sikhs is built in Amritsar itself.

After the Taj Mahal, the most frequent visitors come to see the Golden Tample of Amritsar.

#10. Shillong ( Meghalaya )

Shillong is the capital of the erstwhile state of Meghalaya in India, Shillong, which is located in the easternmost part of India, has been attracting more and more visitors, It is also known as the Escotland of the East of india. This beautiful city situated on the hills was formerly the capital of Assam.

Meghalaya was formed after the partition of Assam and Raj Dhani of Shillong Baha. Situated at a height of about 1695 meters, the weather remains pleasant in this city. During the monsoon, it is rainy, then the beauty of the entire city is enhanced even more.

#11. What did we know

Today we learned Beautiful 10 places to visit in India. Wherever you go in India. you must visit these beautiful places.

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