Top 13 Hill Stations in India

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Hello friends welcome. As soon as summer comes, most people like to go to a cold hill station where you can spend a few days relaxing, so we will talk to you about 10 such hill station where you can spend some days with nature in peace. Anyway, there is no shortage of hill stations in India.

There is a Hill Station in India from east to west and north to south, so let’s start

#1. Shri Nagar (Jambu Kashmir) Hill Station


Hearing the name of Shri Nagar located in Jammu and Kashmir, the first one comes to brain is the beautiful lake, the lush green shrub and the snow-clad mountains, because, of its beauty, it is also called the paradise of India, here you can enjoy the houseboat. And the cold weather here will give you peace.

#2. Leh Ladakh hill station


Leh Ladakh is very famous due to its magnificent hills and valleys, it also has filming of Bollywood films. Even the path of poaching is a bit difficult. In winter, the roads are closed due to snow fall, due to which the wind here is curved in summer. May go

#3. Gulmarg (Jammu Kashmir) hill station


Gulmarg is considered to be a valley of flowers. It is a beautiful hill station situated at a height of 2730 meters. It receives heavy snowfall in winter and due to being in Jammu and Kashmir, the pleasant weather here is spectacular, the pine forests and lakes make it the best picnic spot. makes

#4. Patni top (Jammu Kashmir) Hill station

patni top Snowfall

If you want to enjoy snowfall in Winter, then Patni top is the best place for it, this place situated in Jammu kashmir, tourists also like it very much in the summer, because the weather here is cool even in summer, a few moments of peaceful life. It’s a nice place to spend.

#5. Shimla (Himachal State) Hill Station

Hills Home

Shimla, the capital of Himachal Region, is a major hill station in India. This hill station used to be the summer capital of the British since the British era, the clean environment here, the pleasant weather and the snow-capped of the Himalayas make such excellent hill stations.

#6. Manali (Himachal State) Hill Station


Manali is a major hill station of Himachal which is famous for its snow sports, here you can enjoy activities such as Isking , trekking, hiking, paragliding and reverting, apart from this there are also famous Hindu temples.

#7. Mcleod Ganj (Himachal State) Hill station

Mcleodgaz is hill station near Hospice which is located in Himachal, this place is very liked by trekkers, here you will see mostly Tibetan culture, this place located in the hills is very green and calm.

#8. Kasol (Himachal State) Hill Station

Kasol is a paradise for natural lovers in Parbati Valley, Himachal Region, this place is full of quiet and natural treasures, this place is also very much liked by the Israeli tourists, so you will get a glimpse of the Israeli culture in the shops.

#9. Spiti Valley (Himachal State) Hill Station

Cool Desert

Situated in Himachal Region, Spiti Valley is a prominent tourist destination located at a height of 12500 feet. This place is known for its cool desert and snow-capped hills. It is a very cold place and is the best place for trekkers but the road is a bit tough. If you mourn the adventure, then you will definitely like this place.

#10. Khajjiyar (Himachal State) Hill Station

Khajjiyar is a tourist place near Dalhousie in Himachal Region which is also known as the Mini Sweeper Land of India due to its beauty, this place is famous for its natural Beauty lakes, Hills and Jingle.

#11. Kasauli (Himachal State)

Kasauli is a Famous hill station located at an altitude of 1800 ft in Himachal State, this place is very beautiful and quiet due to being in the mountains, it is a good place for a family holiday and even in summer the weather remains cool. is

#12. Palampur (Himachal State)

Palampur is one of the best tourist place in Himachal State, which is surrounded by pine forests and tea gardens. The rivers, hills and greenery relaxes the heart and mind. It is a good place to spend a holiday with family.

#13. Bir Billing (Himachal State)

Bir Billing is a beautiful place located in Himachal State, which is famous all over India for paragliding. It is crowded during the hot summer. You can also do trekking here.


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