Top places to visit in Goa

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Places to visit in Goa– Hello friends, do you also want to spend a holiday in place where there is a fun atmosphere, beautiful beaches and adventure spots, then Goa will be the best place for you. Yes, Goa is known for its delicious sea food. For and portuguese architecture.

Goa is one of the most visited cities in India, hence Goa is also known as the city of tourists and in Goa you will find the buildings and places associated with the Portuguese civilization even today, because it was ruled by the Portuguese. Therefore, Portuguese culture can be seen here.

  • How to reach Goa

In Goa you can also go by plane, you can go by train and you can also go to Goa by bus. To reach here from the plane, you have to first come to the Devolin Airport and it is about 26 km from Panaji.

Apart from this, you can come to Madgaon railway station and Vasagodigama railway station by train and if you live near Goa, then you can come here easily by bus. Here ac and non ac are settled.

  • Which month should Goa go

Goa has the highest number of tourists in between october and March. At this time, all the hotels in Goa remain full and it gets the most crowd on New Year.

There are many hotels here and small rooms and hats are also built on the sea side, you can also stay here if you want. Apart from this, if you want to visit Goa, then you can rent a bike and car here and roam Goa.

Most of the people think about Goa that there is only a beach to visit in Goa, but it is not that there are many places besides Goa beach that you will like very much. today we tell you about 10 places to visit in Goa.

By the way, Goa is divided into 2 parts, South Goa and north Goa some tourists are here in South Goa and some in North Goa.

#1. Goa Bitch

By the way, there are many beaches in Goa and most of the tourists come to visit the beach, besides there are many resort hotels and hats are also built on these beaches, where you can enjoy the sea shore.

Some of special beaches of Goa are Agoda Bitch (South Goa), Ajuna Bitch (North Goa), Arambol Bega and Kalkangute, Colva are the main places of Goa that you must visit.

#2. The routes

It is the second largest city of Goa and it is also the oldest city of Goa. In Portuguese times, the city was named Mandgaon and the main places to visit here are – Canopy Goa, Aquem Cave, belso Bitch, Conical style Bila, Tavo scour, Monte Hill.

#3. Fort agoda

It is one of the best places in North Goa, it has many forts but the most famous fort is Fort Agoda which was built by the portuguese to escape the Maratha and Dutch forces.

If you see the sea form the top of this, fort then the view here is very beautiful.

#4. Panaji

The capital of Goa is Panaji, which is situated on the banks of the mandoe River and this city was settled by the Portuguese, hence the effect of Portuguese civilization can be seen even today.

The main places to visit here are – Dr. Salim Ali, Bird Sanctuary, Rich Magos Fort, Fort Agoda.

#5. Vasco De Gama

The city was established by the Portuguese in 1533 and hence the name of this city came to known as Vasco de Gama, famous Portuguese Vasco de Gama, and those who were Vasco de Gama are credited to the discovery of India, if you go to Goa. So you must also go to Vasco de Gama.

#6. Palolem Bitch

This bitch is a beautiful bitch of Goa, surrounded by rocky hills from Dakshini In this restaurant, you can enjoy the special food and c food of Goa.

#7. Dudha Sagar Waterfall

Most people prefer to go to the beach during the rainy season in Goa, but during the rainy time, there is a place in the jungles of Goa which attracts the most tourists during the rainy season because it has Dudha Sagar waterfall which is 10000 feet There is a high waterfall.

It got its name as Dudha Sagar because when the water of this water falls bellow the top, it seems as if the edge of milk is falling from the top and this place is 60 km from Panaji. People fond of adventure and lovers of nature come here.

#8. Old Goa

Old Goa is located in Panaji and it used to be their capital in the time of the Portuguese, Asia’s highest church is also located here, you will still see churches built by the Portuguese.

The oldest place in Old Goa is the Convent and The Church Farms.

#9. Mapusa

mapusa is famous place in Goa and the prices here are less then other places in Goa, so most people come here to shop and the places to visit around it are Kalcha Bich, Apaura, Aldona, Apaura Fort, Sri kalika Temple is the main place here.

#10. Baga Bitch

Although Goa has a lot of bitches, but there is a Baga Bitch Famos here for night life here for party and c for food and this place is also known for fishing in the sun and pedal boat.

Friends, today we talked about 10 places to visit in Goa, hope you will definitely visit these places.


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